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Shopify Plus Vs Magento Enterprise

For online retailers, there’s a wide choice of eCommerce platforms that you can choose from, with varying functionality and benefits. However, at the mid-level end of the markets, the pot gets smaller, with a relatively low number of eCommerce platforms offering levels of security, scalability and functionality that £1m to £20m turnover clients normally require. […]

Shopify Plus Vs Magento and Magento Enterprise

Anyone who has wanted to set up a site with e-commerce has come across Magento and Shopify. These have been the two most accessible e-commerce platforms but they are used differently by various companies. Magento is regarded to be the ideal platform for mid to big sized businesses whilst Shopify has been utilized by all […]

Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise

With the developments in eCommerce, entrepreneurs all over the world have been able to expand their business activities. It is now quite easy and fast to do transactions online than it used to be before e-commerce was fully embraced. As an entrepreneur, you ought to be wise when it comes to choosing your e-commerce platform. […]

The Power of UGC with Shopify Plus

It’s no secret that social media is a critical element to a business’ success. As the ever-changing world of social media continues to expand, so do the various trends and developments. Recently, User Generated Content (UGC) has taken over the way that companies advertise, and more importantly, how consumers perceive a brand. UGC is a […]

Shopify Plus vs Magento: The Seminal Guide

Over the past several months, we have been fielding tons of questions by many of our clients looking to decide on the best eCommerce platform for their store, and for good reason. There is a shift occurring in the terms of what is expected by the big eCommerce platforms and what they can offer their […]

Crowdfunding & Shopify Plus

As Shopify and Shopify Plus continue their steady climb to the top of the eCommerce industry, much of the conversation about the success of the company has centered around not only the quality of the platform, but also Shopify’s virtually unmatched ability and willingness to collaborate with other innovative tech companies for the betterment of […]

nChannel & Shopify Plus Announce New Partnership

There has been a lot of talk going on in the eCommerce world about the benefits of Shopify and Shopify Plus, and how easy it is to switch over from other platforms. For Magento Enterprise merchants who are seriously considering making the switch to Shopify Plus, there are a few special incentives. The free 6-month […]

How to Cut Down on Returns for Shopify Plus

It’s no secret that eCommerce merchants stress over their return rates. It’s a net loss of business and resources for everyone involved, and the return process simply creates another opportunity for something to go wrong. Packages get lost in the mail, refunds get delayed, and your 5-star customer satisfaction rating can get put into jeopardy. […]

The Evolution of Shopify Plus – How the eCommerce Platform is Turning the Little Guy into the Big Guy

Let’s face it, we’ve spent enough time reviewing the big guys, their big eCommerce platforms, and how you can make the most of their services and features. Magento is an undoubtedly versatile, powerful, and reliable eCommerce Platform. So are many others. But there is something that needs to be addressed more honestly about these platforms: […]

Noticed is Now an Official Shopify Plus Expert

  ANNOUNCEMENT: Big news everyone! Noticed has officially been recognized as a Shopify Plus Expert. Today, Shopify Plus announced their brand new and exclusively selected list of members for their Shopify Plus Experts program. For nearly a decade, Shopify has revolutionized the ecommerce industry with their user-friendly platform and DIY philosophy to help ensure their […]

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